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Posted by Coleman & Sons Real Estate on 7/26/2019

People find themselves in small rooms for various reasons. Many people can only afford a small apartment, and they are happy about it. People in small apartments, however, do need to be creative to get the best of their spaces. Creativity is necessary when it comes to decoration and arranging your area to make it organized. With this, everything will be in order without feeling choked up. If you are looking to make your small space look bigger, here are some tips for you:

  1. Clean Out the Clutter: With excessive loads, a small area does look cramped. Look for ways of getting things out of sight. Use the shelves; keep things behind the door and table skirts. With everything hidden out of sight, there will be a neat and orderly room that is pleasant to behold.
  2. Use a Monochromatic Color Scheme. Only go with the same classes of colors. Be sure to apply the same families of colors to the texture finishes, upholstery fabrics, tonal drapery fabrics, etc. One can also get a warm and open look by going for cool and delicate colors.In using contrasting colors, there is a big chance of breaking a space. Also, it is necessary that the colors of the furniture match the wall color. 
  3. Let Light in. A well-lit room will look more significant. The light can either be artificial or natural. Heavy draperies are not advisable. Also, be sure to let light in by keeping windows open. One can also use track lighting and install more lights.
  4. See through Spaces. Using materials that are see-through will make things beyond look far away. In a small bathroom, for instance, it is not recommended to use an opaque glass shower, instead, use a clear one, without a frame. The room, although being small will look bigger.
  5. Keep Upholstery Plain. Rather than bold plaids, prints or stripes employ plain colored upholstery for furniture. Neutral tones are the best and make use of texture as well.
  6. Light and Airy Fabrics. The best recommendation is to make use of sheer fabric that gives the light a through passage. These fabrics are best used in table covers, furniture slipcovers and through window treatments. Soft floral vines or simple stripes can also be used instead of solid colors.

One can get creative to spice things up in a small apartment and make it bigger. Be sure to take the above recommendations and spice things up in your home. Speak with an interior decorator today for more tips on how to arrange your room.

Posted by Coleman & Sons Real Estate on 12/15/2017

When it comes to the time for a tax refund, you may have a lot of big plans for the extra money that you’ll receive back from Uncle Sam. Your mind may swirl with possibilities as to what you might do with the money. One of the best uses for the money is to reinvest it in your home. It can only increase the value of your property, giving you more equity to play with whether you plan to refinance or sell in the future. The money you get back may be enough to do things like buy new appliances or put in a new floor. Below, you’ll find some of the best ideas for how to spend your tax refund money on home improvements. 


Adding some new paint to your home can do wonders for both the interior or the exterior. See what needs to be done the most and do some cost estimates. You may even be able to hire a professional painter who can get a painting job done fairly quickly without making the huge mess that you might if left to painting on your own.

Add Some Rugs

Adding just a few rugs to the hardwood surfaces around your home may make your home a lot cozier. For one, the surfaces that you walk on with bare feet will be much softer and warmer to the touch. Rugs also add a certain style element to a room that not many other accents can. Be sure that the rug you choose blends well with the color scheme that you desire for your rooms. 

Work On The Outdoors

With your tax refund money, you’ll be able to make some significant improvements to the outdoor spaces of your home. It can never hurt to add a bit of curb appeal to your property by adding bushes, new grass, outdoor lighting, and the like. Even painting your front door can be a simple task that makes a huge difference to the outside of your home. 

Upgrade Your Appliances

Upgrading your appliances can be one of the biggest things that you do to add value to your home. You can start small with items like your range and dishwasher. If you have a bit more money to play with, you may end up servicing and replacing larger items like your hot water heater, HVAC systems, or even adding solar panels. The money that you’ll save on energy efficiency will pay for the appliances over time. Also, if you’re getting ready to sell your home, these upgrades will make a huge difference in the return value that you can get for your home.

Posted by Coleman & Sons Real Estate on 7/21/2017

Stuck in a rut? Consider giving your house a stylish makeover. Unlike total upgrades,makeovers can be finished in a single day. In fact, some house makeovers don't cost a cent. If you're ready to refresh your home, check out these home makeover ideas.

Walls that pop - Hang framed portraits of relatives and friends on a wall in your den. Don't just hang the pictures.Put each picture in a different colored or different size frame. If you're feeling especially gutsy, paint the wall an attention grabbing yellow, orange,blue or green. This wall pickup works well with children's playrooms too.

Double up in the bedroom - Grab bolts,washers and a drill. Get support beams, slats and safety rails. Get ready to turn your children's twin beds into bunk beds. Add a ladder, so your children sleeping on the top bunk can easily climb in and out of bed. Decorate the space where the other twin bed formerly was with a rustic chest. Fill the trust with your children's toys.

Lay new carpet - This simple home makeover will make your entire house feel different. For weeks, you might feel as if you bought a new house or had another room added onto your existing home.To save money, shop at discount carpet stores. You can also save by getting the carpet from a wholesaler.

Re-purpose your basement - Desire for more space is a leading reason why couples move into bigger houses. But, you may not have to buy a larger house if you clear old furniture, old clothes and boxes out of your basement. Donate the goods to a charity that serves people living in your community. Use your basement as a play room, family room or home office. All you need is a sofa, two chairs, bookcase and rugs. Place furniture in your basement as if you were furnishing your upstairs family room. Add in an office desk if you're converting your basement into a home office. Decorate the space with plants, family pictures and framed motivational quotes.

Rearrange living room furniture - Move your living room sofa away from the window. Put it against an opposite long wall. Add new upholstery to living room chairs.

Take advantage of craft stores - Visit craft stores in search of items like elegant silk flowers, hand woven baskets and wreaths. String colorful, silk ribbon through wreaths. Hang a self-decorated wreath on your house's front door. Place a crystal vase or handwoven basket filled with elegant silk flowers on your coffee tables and bathroom counter tops.

Wallpaper works  wonders - Line your bathroom walls with decorative wallpaper. Think seashells, black and white etchings and turtles.

True. You spend a lot of time at work. You also spend a lot of time at home. Whether you realize it or not (like work), your home influences your mood, attitude and your energy. Give yourself a boost by refreshing your house, particularly rooms that you spend the most time in.